Ben Mackie

Ben Mackie

Tuesday, 17 May 2016 08:46

The Moment It All Lit Up To Me...

(This post follows on from my previous one, 'Playing Railways and Powerful Revelation'- if you haven't read it, I suggest you go back and check it out first so you get up to speed on the concepts I'm revealing here)

For the rest of you? Sit back and (for added effect), play this track- because even though I heard many songs on the night in question, this is the one that still lingers from that moment in time:

I remember it still, clearly to this day. I was 6 years old and Dad had just picked me up from after-school care. As I hopped into the back seat of his old HK Torana, I was in the middle of thinking about what I’d seen...

‘How I Met Your Mother’ was a cult series, cleverly produced to ensure a second wave of popularity about 15 years from now when we get swept up in the tidal wave of nostalgia for everything to do with the first decade of the 21st century. Although I enjoyed watching it when it was on, I was never a devoted fan. But the other night while eating dinner, I had the TV on, and an episode came on that caused me to have a revelation. It wasn’t a tear-jerker or an episode that made me think “Woah- story of my life!”. But the basic message behind it was how an unstoppable conviction that we will succeed can have a massive flow-on effect to our fortunes…

From me (and others no doubt) you’ve been well-drilled in how crucial it is to keep your target market in the loop if you want to keep breaking records in your ‘Big Book of Business Success’ and that the route to that glory is through frequently creating/ adding to your online content.


Tuesday, 17 May 2016 08:32

Why You Need To Give Up The Game...

P.U.A. It’s an abbreviation for Pick-Up Artist- a guy who’s turned picking up women into a technique or even a profession- other guys will pay him just to learn his secrets!


Thursday, 25 February 2016 05:52

Want To Rule The World? Here's What It Takes...

Suddenly everybody is so focused on minute time. The moments are counting down- people hanging on second by second. Their voices grow in unison all around you. There’s no backing away, like a runaway train with doors fast shut, you’re stuck on this ride...

Remember at school or university, that one subject you dreaded? Time itself stood still, you wondered how learning any of this would ever help you out in “the real world” and by the end of class, your brain felt like a balloon that’d had all the air drained out of it. To make matters worse? It was ALWAYS a compulsory subject, wasn't it? It was a black-hole with no escape!

Saturday, 06 February 2016 04:24

How To Make Your Monday Magic

Like many other people, I used to reach Sunday evening and feel my heart sink with the sun as I lamented the irreversible slide into Monday, waiting there on the other side of nightfall to drag me back down into “the system”.

Saturday, 06 February 2016 04:22

The "Made In Japan" Guide To Daily Success

Once upon a time, the badge ‘Made in Japan’ suggested a product that was cheap and inferior in quality. But over time, the Japanese came to establish a global reputation for high production standards, build quality, efficiency and innovation.  Japanese products and technology are now highly sought-after in Western countries that used to be dominated by American or European competitors products and brands. How did this turnaround happen?

Saturday, 06 February 2016 04:20

A Big Post About Big Changes

For millions of kids around the world, 1994 was the year they learned about the grim reality of death. It didn’t just happen to people who were old, sick, or careless. It could be completely unexpected. It might not even be your fault. Did they learn this after a death in the family or the unexpected loss of a friend? Not necessarily. It happened to somebody they didn’t know, personally. It happened to somebody who didn’t even exist in reality. But after they witnessed it, the imagery would stay with them forever…

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