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Did you know that writing and publishing regular blog articles:

- Gives you a 46% chance of landing a sale because of a blog-generated lead?

- Establishes you as the trusted voice of authority in your industry or profession?

- Brings you nearly 70% more leads?

- Removes one of your biggest obstacles to selling?

- Increases your website traffic by over 50%?

So clearly, writing your own regular blog articles is well and truly worth it! BUT-

How do you know what to write?

How do you convert your curious leads into paying customers?

How do you manage to write articles that inform, entertain AND sell?

When you come to 'Stories That Sell', I'm going to show you how its' done, step-by-step, utilising the same strategies I do when publishing articles for regular clients or for my own blog 'Notes From The Scribe'

This workshop is on Friday the 31st May. Tickets are $95.00 each and I guarantee that when you leave 'Stories That Sell', you'll be glad you came because of the value-packed lessons you've just learned about how to brainstorm, write and publish your own regular blog articles.

And if you DON'T feel like you got your money's worth?

I'm happy to refund the cost of your ticket. On the spot. No arguments or questions asked. But (to date) this is yet to happen...

So you've got nothing to lose and everything to learn in just half a day!

If you're passionate about delivering valuable content to your leads that delivers for you in the long-term, I look forward to seeing you there at 'Stories That Sell'

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Want to discover how you can attract more leads and sales online- on autopilot?


(Best of all? It’s 100% complimentary- so why not get the advice of a professional for YOUR business?)