Copywriting Services

At Scribe, we remove the communication barriers that withhold a business from its' true potential, ensuring people know exactly who you are and what you do.



Scribe provides solutions for your business in the following areas:


Copywriting Services for Short Content


Want your target audience to be fully informed within a limited space? This includes social media profiles, sales letters and some websites. We write copy that is not just informative, but easy for your target audience to read and understand.

Copywriting Services for Long Content


Need a large amount of content written (or edited) for your business or organisation? We write content that helps you engage with potential customers and clients through use of 'tone' and is not just informative and thorough, but easy for your target audience to understand.

Copywriting Services for Establishing 'Tone'


Tone is crucial in establishing an instant rapport with your target audience. They need to see that you relate to and understand what they need. After all, though a wedding planner and a funeral director both deal with hospitality and organisational skills, the individual markets they cater to are very different! Scribe helps you find the best 'tone' to market your business or organisation with.

Copywriting Services for Boosting Your Profile on Commonly Used Search Engines


Scribe helps you choose the right key words in your business name or promotional media to boost your profile on search engines like Google - a proven method method of generating greater attention, more leads, enquiries and sales for your business.


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