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About Scribe

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Build Trust & Authenticity - copy writing at desk

Build Trust & Authenticity

Transforming your leads into paying customers

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About Scribe Copywriting

For any business in the 21st Century, having the right online presence is crucial to establishing (and sustaining) actual long-term success. Without this presence - you get left behind, buried in the back pages of search engines and invisible to your key target audience…

How long can your business survive for, then?

Here at Scribe, we create copy and manage online professional content across a range of platforms for our clients- be it their websites, social media pages, e-mail lists, blog articles, or e-books. These all serve to put your business name in the spotlight, engage new leads and (most importantly) persuade them to take action- be that to contact you or your team, subscribe, order, register, schedule or buy.

Because even in our modern 24/7 online media landscape, two of the oldest factors are still absolutely necessary in order to sell successfully:

  1. Trust
  2. Authenticity

When you're regularly engaging with your leads (be it online browsers or people in your database), they're getting to know your business better, seeing you’re “the real deal”- and that you’re worth buying from.

After all, trust is the “it” factor that transforms your curious leads into paying customers.

The best part is?

We can take care of this for you on autopilot- leaving you to spend your valuable time doing what it is you do best.


Of all the copywriting pages and all the marketing sites in the world, and you walk into ours…

And right now you're thinking "Why should I go with Scribe?"

Here’s why:

All of our services are backed by our Big 5 Guarantees.

Here it is, plain and simple:


- All work is carried out within reasonable time


- No hidden expenses or other nasty surprises


- You're informed every step of the way

Unlimited Edits*

- We'll edit your project until it's 100% to your liking, at no extra cost


- If we can't help you achieve your outcomes, we'll connect you with the people who can

Get your consultation today

it's 100% complimentary with no obligation to buy

(And if we can't help you with your enquiry, we'll connect you with somebody who CAN)