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I've got something to confess-
I've never really warmed to cats. Dogs are great- alway happy for a pat or a cuddle on the couch, when you come home after just a few hours away they act as if they haven't seen you in a month. Plus you can play all sorts of games with them and teach them a bunch of tricks to perform.
Cats on the other hand?


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When I was a younger bloke- right up to my early 20's- I was never quite what you'd call a casanova. Sure, I could talk easily with pretty much anybody but...I had a terrible habit for over-thinking. As it turns out, like a lot of people I was too absorbed in my own shortcomings (real or imagined) to see the forest because of all the trees in the way!
But in spite of this...

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Macklemore+Ryan Lewis_thrift_shop

You remember that song 'Thrift Shop' by Macklemore?

Back in 2012-13, it was one of those songs you couldn't avoid. Switch on the radio or (soon enough) the TV, and there it was again. A catchy hip-hop tune about buying clothes at op-shops and repurposing them, giving them a new life and looking like a million bucks with "only 20 dollars in your pocket".

I loved this song when it first came out. The subject matter was original, the lyrics were quirky and that sax riff was so catchy...

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iPhone 1st customer

Late last year, I read an article that left me with that feeling you get occasionally- where it's like a few loose ends finally tie together, the last remaining pieces of the puzzle slot into place and at last, you can see the full picture...

For me, this hunch had started sometime in 2013, and over the 5 years since it gradually took form at the back of my mind, just beyond full grasp, like that childhood lolly jar on the high shelf. Then finally, here was the answer, laid out clearly in one article...

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6615301 orig

I'm 9 years old, and before the discovery of girls, I have just one day-dream-

It's to become the next Australian Formula 1 World Champion. I imagine a day where in Australian motorsport, my name is recognised on the same level as names like Jack Brabham, Alan Jones, Peter Brock, Dick Johnson and Mick Doohan. I imagine the races I'll win, the inspiring come-from-behind victories I'll achieve, the praise from the commentators after another amazing drive, how proud my classmates and everybody who knew me growing up will be to say they knew me before I was famous. I imagine how it'll feel to be considered the best racing driver in the world, to be seriously compared with Grand Prix legends like Juan Manuel Fangio, Jim Clark, Jackie Stewart, Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna. There's just one thing:


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Every Monday when I sit down to organise my week ahead, I also take account of anything notable I learned over the previous 7 days. Whether it's in the professional or the personal realm I list it, then copy it into a Word document I've created to note all of the "Aha!" moments I experience throughout a given year. 

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Come back with me- to a time not so long ago...

It's the final evening of 2010 and I'm standing on the apartment rooftop of a mates' friend, down near the Storey Bridge in Brisbane. All around me, New Years' Eve revelers wait for midnight to strike, for the fireworks to bang and shriek and crackle across the city skyline.

Amidst the laughter and chatter and the echoes of music around me, I look up at the starry night sky and think of where I stand, and the 12 months that have lead me to this moment in time...

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Paul Kelly

So just recently, I compiled all the figures for my tax return for the most recent financial year...

Doesn't sound like the most interesting topic for a post, does it? But stick with me-

As I entered all the figures into an Excel spreadsheet to send on to my accountant and I added it all up- something occurred to me-

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My Post Copy

Whatever you’re doing- just stop a moment.

Stop and take a minute to be truly grateful for this time we live in…

Sure, we can complain about how “things just ain’t what they used to be” on a number of fronts, but let’s face the fact:

There has NEVER been a better time to market your business. Think about it-

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whats your story typewriter 897x494

Can you write a post that keeps your readers entertained, tells them more about you AND sells?

I'll cut straight to the chase here- yes you can- and here's the 3 step formula:

  1. Story
  2. Segue
  3. Sell

Want to see how it's done?

Then let me give you a demonstration:

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How to give writers block the sledgehammer

Time ticks away…

You need to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard).

Yet you sit there, stuck for what to write- or how to write it…

Nothing comes to mind. Nothing worth saving, at least. You don’t even know what to start with!

Should you publish anything at all? Maybe giving it a complete miss this time is worth it?

I’ll answer this one for you straight up. Hopefully when you take it on board, you breathe a little easier from now on-

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Recently in my karate class, we'd finished training for the night and were talking about a certain principle that the Japanese follow. They apply this principle not just to training, but to life itself- and once you tap into this mindset, it manifests in ways far beyond what you might expect...

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Spotlights Fluros Fireworks Icon

This weekend just gone I was at home, painting a new canvas I've been working on while listening to Triple J's coverage of Splendour In The Grass...

Suddenly? I don't feel a part of this generation anymore...

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Regular Blogging Part 2

When we left off last time, I'd taken you through the first half of the 12 step process I follow whenever writing blog posts just like this one.

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Regular Blogging Part 1

Writing 3 months’ worth of blog content- at the same time?

This might seem like ‘Mission Impossible’, but you’d be amazed how easily it’s done when you peel back the anguish of writers’ block- and realise it’s just a 12 step process that you can replicate over and over…

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Boost Your SEO Rankings And Get Found

You may not realise it but right now, as you read these words, people are looking for you.

You might not know who they are, and that’s a pity. You should…

The reason is, once you got past that “getting to know you” bit, it could turn into a highly valuable, mutually beneficial relationship that lasts for years and brings an entirely new income and referral stream to your front door…

So why isn’t this happening?

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Sparring Night

I sit across the desk from Gavin (gym founder and former Australian middleweight champion) as he tells me what a journey I’m in for over the next 10 weeks…

He speaks glowingly of Fight Night- about how it’ll be “One of the best things I’ve ever done”…

I figure he’s giving the whole Fight Like A Pro experience “the big sell”- and why wouldn’t he?

But as I’ll discover soon enough, I was wrong…over the next 2 and a half months, there are some big lessons and personal revelations to come…

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The Voice

Do you ever watch a movie or show on TV and then go Hang on- I see what’s really going on here! and you wonder how you didn’t notice it until right now? It happened to me one night, just recently…

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Blogging By Numbers

So I’ve been away, scouring the web for some real statistics on blogging for you to read, research and think about- whether blogging is something you’ve thought of up until now or not.

The figures you see below are just a handful of real numbers when it comes to blogging and how integral this element of marketing is to online business success in 2018.

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Monday evening, I was near the end of a long train journey after a week in our nations’ capital, catching up with friends. It was late at night and all I could see out the train window was the reflection of the carriage interior staring right back at me. So I pulled out my phone, scrolled through Facebook- then saw a brand new post from an old friend, in which he talked about his love for the Steven Spielberg box-office hit, ‘Jurassic Park’. I read it- and I was hooked. Straight away I read it back again to analyse why I loved it so much…

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Wizard of oz

I know many of you think being a professional writer is the ideal gig. Maybe you imagine a life as simple as this-

1. Get Ideas.

2. Write Them Down.

3. Profit!

Except it’s not like that. Let me tell you why… 

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Captain Planet

Now- while I can’t guarantee that these five marketing pillars will save the world (or summon a buff guy with a green mullet, for that matter) I can tell you that if you get them right, it makes a big difference to the volume of leads you attract- and the ease you can do it with.

So if that’s what you seek, then take note of these- and implement them ASAP:

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The Usual Suspects

If you can say you’ve never met any of these people, I’d be amazed-

Because chances are you’ve either worked with them, chatted with leads who were just like them or had clients who were just like them… 

Maybe you met her at some networking event or found yourself sitting next to him in a conference?

Maybe as you read the following descriptions you’ll go “Hey- I KNOW this person!”-

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What a copywriter wants to know about you

Here’s a run-down of the most important things a copywriter will want to know about your business before they write a single word.

The better you can answer the following questions, the more effective your written content is in attracting new leads and “sealing the deal” with your target audience. But first things first:

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How do you do fellow kids




Remember when people used these words to describe something worthy of praise or approval? 

In case you missed it? Lately I’ve been talking about the difference between making a real connection with your intended audience vs. trying too hard- and coming off as embarrassingly out of touch in the process…

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You know what copywriting is…

You know what a copywriter does…

You have associates or friends who use copywriting services…


You haven’t considered the idea of using one yourself.

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wine bottles

As I write these words, it's just a few hours before I head off to Sydney to watch Liverpool play a post-season friendly match against Sydney FC....

I've long been a fan of football (or soccer, as a lot of people call it in this part of the world). Just recently, I saw a discussion online about the merits of a certain manager (coach) from overseas. I commented that "he is like milk and his teams are like the strawberry flavouring- when it's fresh, all is sweet. But leave it out too long and the milk goes off, the whole thing turns sour and you've got to dump it down the sink and start again."

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Happy Clients

Amy Seal

Corporate Living Solutions

"We started our new business (Corporate Living Solutions) this year and commissioned Ben to proof-read and create copy for our website and marketing material. Ben was absolutely fantastic to talk to and knew all the right questions to gauge our requirements. Ben's strategic use of language, together with a natural ability to engage a target audience is a testament to his copywriting abilities. I would highly recommend Ben for any copywriting job and would not hesitate in hiring him again in the future."

Steve Bull

Black Bee Studio

"Ben was great to deal with, after providing his services to write the content on my website, I was happy with the results straight away. Someone I'd recommend to anyone needing copywriting work done"


David Edwards

Edwards Migration & Legal

"I can't thank Ben enough for his work in smartening up the text on my website. I'm confident it will lead to increased enquiries from people that have found me on the web."

Want to discover how you can attract more leads and sales online- on autopilot?


(Best of all? It’s 100% complimentary- so why not get the advice of a professional for YOUR business?)