Here’s Why You Might Need A Copywriter:

27th October, 2022Copywriting

First of all: what IS copywriting?

Copywriting is NOT:

a) Patent writing

b) Legal copywriting

Instead, when we talk about copywriting, we’re talking literally about this:

The art of writing words that sell.

Selling your business, selling leads on why they should consider a/b/c or go ahead and take action (whatever taking action looks like for you)- that’s what copywriting is: the art of persuasion, in text form.


Maybe you’ve had copywriting done for your business before, and aren’t sure if you need to do it again? Or maybe you’ve never handed your marketing content + strategy over to a copywriter before and are figuring out if it’s a road you want (or need) to go down?

To help with your decision, here’s some of the most common reasons people enlist the help of a professional copywriter or a marketing agency for their business:

So if your business has an online presence in any form (website, social media, email newsletters etc) then you want  a presence that gets noticed, and gets those who notice to take action (again, what action they take is up to you- but they need to be directed their first).

To get noticed, first you have to be in a position to get noticed. And on a search engine such as Google you want to appear on that very first page. If it appears any further back than that?

You might as well be invisible…


People don’t see you, so you don’t attract new leads. If you’re not attracting new leads, then you’re not converting new customers. If you aren’t converting any new customers, how long can your business survive for?

Which leads to the following question:


How Much Is A Single New Customer Worth?


This is a question to ask yourself or consult with your team by crunching the numbers: On an individual basis, how much additional revenue does one new customer deliver to your business, on average?

Get a clear estimate on this number, and then let’s move on:


How Google Ranks Content

The algorithms may change, but one constant remains:

Google ranks content based on how many external sites link to it, but also on how ‘fresh’ that content is. How recently has it been updated? This is no “one and done” job, where you can pay somebody to put your business on page 1 of Google and then never have to worry about your marketing content again. Like the equipment you use to keep daily operations running, your online content also requires maintenance to continue doing the job at peak performance.

So you want your content to stay up to date, so it continues to rank highly on Google right there on page 1, leads keep finding your content, interacting and (as a result) new customers continue turning up.

On a macro level, it works like this:


The more leads you attract, the more you convert into sales. The more sales you make, the more turn into repeat/ long-term customers.


More long-term customers= more money coming into your business every day.

So how does this tie in with copywriting, you might be asking right now?


How A Copywriter Works Their Magic

Besides your website or landing page, think of the other online channels that make up your online presence:

  • Social media pages
  • Blog articles
  • Newsletters
  • Sales letters
  • E-books

Etc etc etc…

Here’s a few things to consider:


a) Do you have the time needed to create or update the copy all this sort of content, on top with everything else the daily running of your business demands?

b) Supposing you have the time and the energy: Do you know what to write straight away, or do you feel tongue tied when it comes to talking about your business- the same business you know inside and out?

c) Do you go ahead and write your own content- but then read it back and (while you can’t put your finger on it) something about it just isn’t “doing it”….something just doesn’t feel right and you can’t work out exactly what it is?


Getting this just right is crucial and can make a bigger difference to sales success than you might think. According to a recent survey, people are 131% more likely to buy from a brand after reading a piece of content from that brand, when compared with other brands. 

So again- how much is a single sale worth to you?


A professional copywriter can achieve all of the following outcomes:

  • Find just the right words you’re looking for
  • Transform your content to get even better results (in terms of lead engagement, enquiries, customer conversions- you name it)
  • Provide expert feedback, remove the brain-fog and give you new-found clarity with your copy strategy
  • Take care of your marketing content creation- while you get your time back
  • Give you peace of mind, knowing your marketing message is in capable hands

But maybe you’re still not sure whether or not you need copywriting for your business?

That’s ok- taking this quick survey will give you more clarity on the answer: Do you need copywriting? Take this 2 minute quiz


Or maybe you know you want professional copywriting for your business- in which case let’s chat


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