The Truth About Mentorship (why Tony Robbins is NOT your guru):

24th March, 2022Copywriting, Success

The first time you heard of Anthony Robbins, what did you think of the guy?

For me it’s around 2009, and I’m looking down the comments thread of the old site ‘Things Bogans Like’. I don’t recall the exact article, but somebody has related a story their brother (then a cabbie) told them about driving in Sydney late one night and picking up a fare- a couple heading back to their hotel from a Tony Robbins seminar. Babbling away at a million miles an hour like a kid who’s had too much Coke (or an adult who’s had too much coke), raving about how “life changing” and “powerful” the seminar was. This cabbie had related to their sibling how “cult-like” it all seemed…

So, my initial impression of Tony Robbins was: He must be a quasi-cult leader.

Skip forward a couple of years later, I’m sitting on a plane awaiting take-off. Flicking through the in-flight magazine from the seat-back, I find a full-page advert for an upcoming Tony Robbins seminar in the UK, with a starting price in the thousands of pounds.

Who on Earth would pay thousands of pounds for this sort of thing I wondered? My opinion of Tony changed to:

Tony Robbins is a guy who can convince people to part with thousands of pounds for a single weekend seminar= definitely a cult-leader!

So a few months later, when an old friend starts telling me about this 10-part Tony Robbins series he’d been listening to and saying I should check it out, you can probably imagine how my internal monologue went!

But in the end, I figured I’d shut my friend up and let him follow up on his offer to download the entire 10-part series, titled ‘Time Of Your Life‘ onto my laptop. Noting that each episode lasted 90 minutes, I put aside some time to listen to the first one. So I sat down in my room, cued up the first episode on iTunes and started listening…

Within the first hour, I realised I’d been kind of wrong about Tony.

Far from just 90 minutes of buzzword-laden, feel-good sizzle with no substance, over the course of the following 9 episodes Tony shared, step-by-step, how a transformation in your thinking and asking better questions could change your destiny altogether. On top of that (as the name of the series suggests) he demonstrated how to make the best use of your time, set goals for the right reasons, prioritise those goals accordingly and then create action plans so that you actually did the work required and held yourself accountable for achieving your desired outcomes.


It’s been nearly 10 years and I still use this method to organise every coming week, every new season and every year ahead- and I still swear by ‘Time Of Your Life‘ as a fantastic introduction to this. I’ve listened back to all 10 episodes of TOYL at least 3 times to date- and I say this as somebody who has never attended a single Tony Robbins event, nor worked for his marketing department in any way, shape or form.


However, I was still wrong about Tony…

See, not long after that first time listening to TOYL, in the midst of all kinds of turnarounds (small and large) manifesting in my life as a result and feeling a ‘buzz’ about life in general like I hadn’t felt in years, I referred to Tony as a “guru”-

Which made the title of Tony’s Netflix documentary ‘Not Your Guru‘ rather apt. I’ve watched it and heard mixed reviews. Some people affirm how “inspiring” it is, while others are critical of some of the methods used by Tony and his team. That seems to be fairly common when the subject turns to Mr Robbins- plenty of people love him and are full of praise, while others sound the way I used to sound if you’d asked me about him. All I’ll say now is that,  watching ‘Not Your Guru‘ reaffirmed that while my previous views on Tony had been incorrect, my current view on Tony (and people like him) is perhaps more realistic:

Tony Robbins is NOT a guru. Tony simply combines proven strategies for emotional/ mental breakthrough with concrete plans of action to achieve these, fuelled by a (seemingly) limitless enthusiasm and energy. But this is not original. Tony is not a guru or irreplaceable. Tony is simply a conduit for ways of thinking that have the power to transform- and that goes for all the other coaches and motivational speakers out there today.

But this is great news for the rest of us, because it means that if a certain prominent individual ceases teaching or ceases life on this planet, the principles and concepts remain- and can be taught by somebody else. Instead of seeking those who perpetuate a cult of personality, what we need are more conduits- people able to communicate the same tried (and tested) principles and help us to do what we need to get where we want to be.

So, on that note: who are your conduits?

I’m fortunate enough to have business mentors in my life right now who I catch up with on a regular basis. We share what’s been going on in our lives, what goals we’ve achieved since last time, what we need to keep working on and holding each other accountable for. It’s a more secure feeling, knowing that if there are solutions or plans of action I’m struggling to put together, I have people who can offer their suggestions or insights to get me on the right track.


I consider myself lucky to have people who (so far) have been such valuable conduits into my business and my life, and I’d also like to think they regard me in the same way. I would consider it a compliment, not an insult if they referred to me as a conduit!


Because the truth is, instead of seeking a guru, we need a conduit.

Likewise, when it comes to helping people with their copy, I don’t strive to be their guru either. They’re clearly grateful for the ways (big and small) I help them turn out top sales and marketing copy- but I admit I’m not the only person with the know-how to do this. Of course I strive to deliver the best value and results for them, but when it comes to the feedback I give on their copy and the suggestions I make, I’m not aiming to be their guru. I just aim to serve as a useful conduit, transferring my first-hand experience and knowledge to them in the most effective manner possible…

You might already understand how crucial copywriting is to your marketing message and (as a result) the success of your business-

But maybe you don’t know where to start…

OR you have a plan all mapped out- but it’s the actual writing part you’re getting bogged down with…

You know your business inside and out and what sets you apart from the rest- but when you try putting it into words, something is getting lost in translation…

Then when you read the copy back, something still feels ‘off’ and you can’t quite put your finger on what “it” is…

OR maybe the ROI you’re seeing for all your efforts isn’t quite what you were hoping for?

OR maybe you’re still not 100% sure what marketing copy is going to pay off for you with a slight change of strategy vs. what’s a waste of your time, energy and money…

If any of these scenarios sound familiar, I hear you! I also know this:

Every business is different- even two businesses in the exact same industry serving the same people. So why should the support you get be any different? The solution is here:

My expertise, combined with the first-hand knowledge you have of your business. Together, let’s work to identify the solution that works specifically to suit YOUR business. As a result: you find new clarity on what really needs to be done plus an action plan to follow it up with. This means you can get started AND keep momentum going, while I’m always here on-hand to offer feedback and (most importantly) to make sure you achieving your set goals! Because of this, you’re going to see the results and the ROI you’ve been looking for.

So if you’d like this kind of support- whether it’s your strategy, the stuff you’re working on or the stuff you’ve already got out there- then I’m confident I’m the conduit you need to make your copy actually start working for you

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