EVERY Sale Starts With THIS (How To Be The Necessity And Not The Option):

1st May, 2019Copywriting, Marketing


“Nice guys finish last”-

No doubt you’ve heard this saying a number of times over the years. Does this mean that in order to finish first, first we must be nasty? No!

It’s not saying that being agreeable means you’re destined to be a loser in life. To understand what it really means, think of that “nice guy” who’s “just friends” with the girls he’s interested in…

Sure, he’s happy to listen to their problems, offer his advice, hang out with them at the drop of a hat and be as understanding as he can. And in the meantime, he keeps hoping one day soon she’ll realise that if she gets next to him, she won’t get her heart broken like with all those arseholes she dates who treat her badly or aren’t afraid to tell her she’s wrong about stuff.

…Yet that day never comes. He’s known her for months- years maybe- yet she goes out one weekend, meets some new guy and suddenly he’s enjoying the kind of relationship wih her that this “nice guy” has only dreamt of.

“Why is life so unfair?” he wonders…

On the surface level, it does seem unfair. And it’s been the subject of countless movies, books, long conversations between friends late into the night- or maybe you’re familiar with this scenario because it’s happened to you?

When it comes to romance, so many of its’ principles match the principles of selling. So today, we’re going to look at why this “nice guy” never gets past the platonic friendzone- why instead it’s the arrogant jerk who gets the girl- and how understanding this principle helps us become better at selling. Best of all? You can replicate this without needing to be pushy, rude, compromisng your values or throwing out your integrity.

Let’s suppose that you have great blog article ideas all listed down, you’ve done your research and you know what topics are gold to your leads. You’ve got it all worked out. You have your sizzling solutions to answer their most common questions or their biggest problems- maybe you’ve got the drafts written and edited and you’re ready to post them?

Hold on just one moment-

The difference between being just an option to your leads or being the necessity- and getting the sale- comes down to one small thing. You leave this until the end of your post, when you’ve already wowed them with your expertise and blown them away with your brilliance…

To seal the deal, you make them an offer they can’t refuse!

You see, it’s one thing to share information with them, provide the solution to their problems and highlight what you can do. But this is what that “nice guy” does- he’s been doing it to that girl all this time, and still no luck.

To get the enquiry, get the sale- ask what your special offer is? How can you be of service to them? What’s going to get them contacting you straight away, eager to buy what it is you’ve got to sell?

You put this right at the end of your post: A ‘How can I be of service?’ An alluring offer they can’t resist. Instead of wasting all this time creating content that they read and then discard- you write content that gets results.

Now, if you’d love a professional to analyse your copy, give you expert feedback and show you what’s working for you vs what you’re missing- this is your opportunity- no asterisk, no hidden catch.

With an offer like this- why would you wait?

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