How To Steer Clear Of ‘Short-Term Gain= Long-Term Pain’ Marketing:

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As I write these words, it’s just a few hours before I head off to Sydney to watch Liverpool play a post-season friendly match against Sydney FC….

I’ve long been a fan of football (or soccer, as a lot of people call it in this part of the world). Just recently, I saw a discussion online about the merits of a certain manager (coach) from overseas. I commented that “he is like milk and his teams are like the strawberry flavouring- when it’s fresh, all is sweet. But leave it out too long and the milk goes off, the whole thing turns sour and you’ve got to dump it down the sink and start again.”

Because it’s one thing to spend big up front and get quick results- but it’s something else when you build a culture of sustained success and develop an organisation that people want to be part of…

Have you ever worked for a company like this?

You have a boss who frequently treads on toes and gets on the wrong side of people- but they have a track record of getting results so the company keeps them on. But then, the whole culture of the place disintegrates: people resign, the spirit of the organisation becomes poisoned and in the end the company has to sack the boss because it’s too costly to keep them on- more costly than the financial gains they achieved while in charge. The boss is gone (hallelujah!) but in their wake, they leave a wasteland of burnt bridges and a toxic culture.

It’s the same thing when it comes to how you manage your client relationships.

Are you only focused on quick results? Getting the next sale, the next big lead and spending whatever it takes to achieve this?

Or- would you rather set yourself up for relationships that last and build a business that your clients want to stay with, where you become a household name and people flock to you because of the great things they hear?

You can take the milkshake approach to your marketing: spend lots of money, full-throttle chasing the big money leads and the sales for sweet short-term results. But then you have to keep shovelling more money into it to ward off the competition. Although you’re making good money, your time is more limited because beyond an instant service and meeting a short-term need, people have little other reason to stick with you. If you aren’t careful, the sweet results can turn sour quickly- and getting back on top requires spending big all over again…

Or… you can take the wine approach: you aren’t focused on a quick-fix, but on producing something that people value more and more as time goes on. The beauty is, as you build those relationships with your leads and existing database, the workload required to attract new leads becomes easier. Word of mouth and your professional reputation does the work for you. In the end? Not only do you have a company that people are loyal to- you’re making great profits with time to enjoy the rewards of your labor and patience.

At Scribe, we always think like a wine-maker when it comes to our clients’ marketing. Our focus is on producing content they can bank on in the long-term. Content that enables them to open up a conversation with their leads, build the relationship and turn those leads into top value clients- who keep on coming back.

For us, it’s all about content that won’t just be loved by search engine robots- but by the people in your target audience as well. So contact us today, and let’s get that conversation started…

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