3 Reasons You Should Absolutely Bother To Blog…

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If I say that you should be posting a new blog article every week, every fortnight or (at the very least) once a month, I already predict the two most common excuses (sorry, “reasons”) I’ll hear.

Or maybe you’re different?

But if your “reason” for not doing it is:

a) “I don’t have time” or,

b) “I don’t know what to write about”

Then take note of this:

a) Considering other tasks you devote great amounts of time towards for the minuscule returns you get?

You can definitely make time to blog on the regular!

Or maybe you’re stuck for ideas. But here’s the truth:

b) There’s an absolute shitload you could write about!

If you recognised what long-term gains come from writing and sharing blog posts on a regular basis, you’d make it a priority. If you’re not yet convinced, why not read on a little further and remember these points:

#1. A Regular Blog Converts Your Doubting Thomases


In this age of social media, you can find people making big promises in exchange for big dollars everywhere. But-

I don’t care how revolutionary your product is.

I don’t care how great you are at what you do.

If your online marketing equates to little more than you constantly trying to sell to me?

I’ll look for any reason to doubt it. Then I’m going to tune out completely, never to pay attention again.

You know what sucks for you?

If you’d gone about it differently, there’s a good chance you could’ve had me.

Remember- a lot of your potential customers have had sweet nothings whispered in their ear before. They’ve had other people promise them the world and then deliver them a tattered, dog-eared atlas with East Germany still on the map…

They got their fingers burned and, wounded, they now put the defences up when a good, honest person (like yourself) comes along.

It’s not you, it’s them. I get it.

But they can still be won over. And if you did, they’d pay BIG for what you can bring them- over and over again. So how do you do it?

Do it by winning their trust, steadily. Don’t try and sell to them. Instead, educate them.

Encourage an ongoing relationship with yourself. Draw them into your world and allow them to get to know YOU. Not just “business” you, but the personal, life-story you.

Keep giving them new, engaging material to read and their defences soften.

They’ll stop glancing at their wounds and start falling for you.

The more they read from you and realise you’re one of the rare good, honest ones out there, the more they trust you. Once that happens, and they realise you can bring them what they’re looking for?

They stop doubting you and start paying you. So get writing!

#2. A Regular Blog Puts Your Name Up In Lights


If it felt like I singled you out at the start of this post when I said “I bet I know what your excuses will be”, don’t take it as a personal attack. The thing is, I only predict these answers because so many people don’t blog for the same reasons.

But here’s the wonderful revelation that follows:

Plenty of the people not blogging and making the same excuses for not doing so- are the same people competing for your untapped leads.

What better reason to sit down, start writing, get your name out there and put yourself head and shoulders above the rest!

Guess who your leads contact right off the bat when they realise they need what somebody like you can sell them?

The one person who bothered to introduce themselves and start the dialogue 3 months, 9  months, 2 years ago…

So get writing- because soon enough the person who wins that lead turns out to be you!

#3: A Regular Blog Is Your Ticket To Premium Pricing


The more you sit down to write a new blog, the more people discover who you are and what you do best…

The more they learn about you (on a personal and professional level) the more they come to trust you…

The more they trust you, the more they respect you…

The more they respect you, the more they talk about you to other people. Some of those people then check out your blog posts and some share them with a third degree of contacts you haven’t reached out to before…

The more your name gets out there, the more leads come to you…

The more leads come to you, the more leads buy from you…

The more in-demand your product is?

The more heavily booked you are?

The law of supply and demand comes into action.

You can charge more for what you already sell or provide!

Every blog you post increases your chances of becoming that well sought-after, highly-paid expert.

To Wrap It Up:


Yes- writing and keeping a regular blog takes time. It always does, now matter how long you do it for. But the amount of time and energy you waste in other areas doesn’t pay half what you stand to gain from this…

Sooner or later, the scales tip in your favour. The payout?

You become more highly sought-after. Your sales figures go north. You get paid more for every single one of those sales.

Aren’t those 3 reasons you should absolutely bother to blog?

If you want to find out more about how it’s done- let’s talk: Contact Me



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