Do You Instantly Recognise Any Of THESE ‘Usual Suspects’?

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If you can say you’ve never met any of these people, I’d be amazed-

Because chances are you’ve either worked with them, chatted with leads who were just like them or had clients who were their spitting image…

Maybe you met her at some networking event or found yourself sitting next to him in a conference?

Maybe as you read the following descriptions you’ll go “Hey- I KNOW this person!”-

Suspect #1: Old-School

Usually a boomer, this professional doesn’t want to spend much at all on their marketing- either because they think it’s a waste of money or because they’re convinced it’s all too complex these days and not worth bothering with. They know this for a fact because they’ve usually got decades of industry experience to back it up. Plus they knew plenty of people in the 70’s or the 80’s who made it big without having to spend a cent on Facetube. No, they’re convinced that just through face to face networking with other professionals and leads, people will recognise their brilliance, the referrals and leads will come and the financial rewards will soon follow…

Suspect #2: The Up-And-Comer

On the other hand, this person is often an idealistic Gen Y, convinced that pumping out a brand new video every day and throwing buckets of money at an aggressive online campaign is the key to creating a client-rush- AND making it rain for the next decade. They are the polar opposite to their Old-School counterpart in their approach to marketing, yet the irony is that their basic belief is exactly the same: “All I need to do is invest in this ONE thing, and peoples’ opinions of me will match my own and I will be financially rewarded for it and live happily ever after”…

Suspect #3: The Jilted Lover

In similar manner to a self-help junkie, this person was a “true believer”. They spent money on big promises- this workshop was going to turn them into the highly-paid expert they’d always dreamt of being in a single weekend. That online strategy was going to deliver astronomical figures into their bank account while they holidayed around the world 11 months a year, taking business calls from their deckchair in Kho Sa Mui…but the fantasy didn’t materialise. They got burned (either because of misleading advertising or their own lack of consistent effort) and now they won’t spend another cent because they learnt their lesson once- and that was all the “proof” they needed to know that spending money for online marketing doesn’t work…

Suspect #4: The Bargain Hunter

This business owner wants to earn a fortune without spending a cent or taking the time to lay down deep roots that could sustain their empire for years to come. These are the people who wander into clothing stores, shift through the ‘Specials’ rack and don’t bother to look at anything else. The question “What’s the cheapest you can do it for?” is heard a lot from them. They are the tyre-kickers who expect the world to be delivered to them for just $1 out of their pocket or 5 minutes of their time. Yet they’re still waiting to get what they really want, and they’re convinced it’s just a matter of time or a matter of finding that unicorn who’s not “too expensive”…

Suspect #5: The D.I.Y Expert

A close relative of the tyre-kicker, this person knows how to do it all themselves- so they’re definitely not going to pay somebody else to do it for them. Why waste the money? After all, “If you want something done properly, do it yourself!” They’ve got it all figured out, but they’re waiting until they get the free time required and then they’ll take care of it and save a few thousand dollars in the process. They’re convinced that paying people to do what you can do for yourself is for lazy people and suckers. They’ll show all of these people once the spare time required presents itself to them…

Now tell me: Did any of these ‘Usual Suspects’ sound familiar to you? Do you think their approach is one that pays off for them?

Maybe it does and I’m wrong?

Feel free to point out if I’ve overstepped the mark with any of these people or if there’s something I didn’t grasp. It’d be hypocritical of me to point out groups of people who don’t want to learn or try new things while assuming I don’t need to do either of these in any way, shape or form…

But here’s the thing- if you’re like me and can see how these are all the wrong ways to build a business and keep it growing? Then you recognise that if you invest the money into the right areas, time is of little consequence to you…

It’s simply a case of hitting all the right channels- and doing so consistently.

Nobody makes a fortune with a closed fist. Nobody attracts abundance with an attitude of poverty. Instead, you present great value to people, and they give great value back to you. It’s a basic principle that underlies life itself- and your business is no different.

So that’s why I’m happy to offer you a personal consultation- 100% complimentary, and no “hard-sell” in sight. It’s just about looking at what you’ve done so far and seeing if there’s an idea packed with potential that you could be implementing? I don’t expect my inbox to overflow or my phone to buzz non-stop- but that’s ok! I know that, for the few of you who read this and follow up, you stand to get something of real value from our discussion-

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