The Macklemore Guide To Pumping Out Stat-Busting Blog Content

12th February, 2019Marketing


You remember that song ‘Thrift Shop‘ by Macklemore?

Back in 2012-13, it was one of those songs you couldn’t avoid. Switch on the radio or (soon enough) the TV, and there it was again. A catchy hip-hop tune about buying clothes at op-shops and repurposing them, giving them a new life and looking like a million bucks with “only 20 dollars in your pocket”.

I loved this song when it first came out. The subject matter was original, the lyrics were quirky and that sax riff was so catchy. But then it got played and played and played and played again, and played again and played again- and then advertising agencies got wind that this was a song the kids thought was “cool” and so it got another high-rotation spin through adverts for TV shows and selling us all kinds of products and oh good Lord, now even The Footy Show have caught wind of it…


If you’re familiar with the eternal struggle of trying to brainstorm new blog content to share, the solution might be much easier than you think. Maybe it just requires taking the Macklemore approach- looking through what you’ve already got out there, repurposing it, and publishing?

I’ll give you an example. A year or so ago, on my old blog site, I wrote this article:

The 5 Things You Need To Master Your Marketing

It got an ok response the first time around.

But as time went on, I joined new groups on social media, updated my website, migrated here for blogging. And looking back at old articles, I came across this one and thought to myself “You know what- I like the premise of this.” But, I saw where the article itself could be repurposed, improved. So I went to work re-writing it, taking the basic info and then editing it.

Last year, I posted my ‘new’ article- and shared it with the relevant groups on social media. Keep in mind that I hadn’t spent hours deliberating over a new article idea. I’d simply taken something I’d already written, already shared- and edited it. I gave it a new life and shared it across the relevant groups, same as last time. Here it is:

5 Things You Need To Master Your Marketing

And this time, the response to the article was phenomenal- every time I opened LinkedIn, there’d be a stack of notifications for the new ‘likes’, comments and shares my article had received.

That single article received nearly 10 times the views and page visitors of any other piece I’d shared up to that point. And if I hadn’t just gone back, taken something I already had and repurposed it- I would’ve missed out!

So maybe as you strategise new content worthy of sharing, it’s not a case of reivnenting the wheel. You might just need to change the tyres and polish the hubs.

Go back over what you’ve already shared. Look for the stuff with the handy hints, big money strategies and the entertaining stories- see how you might be able to give them a simple edit here, an extra paragraph there- and turn them into posts that transform into an instant hit with your audience and a handy money spinner, too.

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