Why There’s Hidden Treasure In Those Trashy Headlines…

27th August, 2019Copywriting, Marketing


Let me share a story with you that I heard a while ago-

There was an info marketer in the USA named Jerry Buchanan, who published a successful newsletter called The Towers Club USA Newsletter: The original source for insider news for mail order merchants. But the focus of our story here isn’t Jerry, but one of his subscribers, who compiled a report on how to make a profit from attending U.S Government vehicle auctions. His report explained that the D.E.A (Drug Enforcement Agency) confiscated planes, boats and cars from drug dealers before re-selling them to the highest bidder at the auctions. The profit would come after buying these vehicles at a low price and selling them high- a great topic of interest for those looking to get rich quick. But what made this report rake in the cash was the title he came up with. See what you think. Here it goes:

How To Get Rich From Marijuana and Cocaine Smuggling (Legally!)

Tell me honestly- even if you didn’t know what the report was actually about, doesn’t that title make you want to read more?

Now let’s bring it back to you. I want you to picture this for a moment-

You’re standing in line at a supermarket, and devoid of checking your phone, what do you do?

Stand there, aimlessly people-watching, staring into space, double-checking you have everything you need to save yourself needing to double back OR-

You take a look at those magazines on the rack. Perhaps you pick one up and have a flick through it. But what makes you pick up that magazine in the first place? Is it because you know exactly what’s inside? Is it because of who’s on the cover. Or could it be something else?

Could it be those headlines screaming out at you on the front cover?

Like seriously, take a look at those headlines for a moment: how many times do you see the word ‘Sex’ in them- for completely different reasons depending on whether the magazine is aimed at women or men. And sure, we can laugh at them and how trashy they are. But week after week, month after month the editors keep choosing these same types of headlines.


Because for some reason, people just like you feel compelled to pick up that magazine and read though it, maybe even buy it? In other words- those trashy headlines SELL.


They sell because they appeal to our base emotions and desires:

A desire to find out that secret, a desire to discover something new and exciting and valuable to us. A desire to get informed and get ahead, get an edge and to satisfy our curiosity. All rooted in desire!

What can we learn from this?

Well, you might not be pumping out articles on how to get better abs, how to get more sex or about the love-child scandal that’s rocking Hollywood- but what you CAN do is incorporate that same appeal to emotions with the headline itself. Think of the basic emotions to tap into:

Fear (Here’s why you need to be worried about this and why it can affect you so listen up)

Love (This story is going to warm your heart, this true story is going to restore your faith in humanity and put a smile on your face)

Anger (be outraged- can you believe that this actually happened?)

Pride (Here’s how to stand out and be the only person in your friendship circle who has x, here’s how to become a more attractive and irresistible person)

Curiosity (What is the secret they don’t want you to know about? This long-held mystery has finally been SOLVED)

You get the idea…

To break this down completely- and explain how you write copy that keeps your foot in the door once that door is open- it would be a LONG article! And I understand you’ve probably got a few other important tasks to attend to as we speak. So I’ll make it easy for you to learn how to put together killer headlines-

All you need to do is click this link and enter your details to receive your complimentary copy of ‘The 3 Posts People Stop Everything To Read‘- in which not only are you going to discover how to pump out headlines that stop them in their tracks, but also how to share your information in a way that guarantees your audience read your articles right to the very end.



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