Why Writing These Blog Posts Is Like Printing Money…

24th September, 2019Copywriting

Money_TreeHere’s a blunt truth for you:

If people aren’t bothering to read your articles, there’s no point in writing them.

Because it’s a waste of your time and energy- so if you’re going to make the effort, you need to make the effort worth it. Here’s how:

Tell them what they want to hear. 

Now this doesn’t mean you lie to them. What it means is, you just need to lean in and listen to them. To write articles they bother taking an interest in, you first need to address the topics they’re interested in.

Considering the subject matter, what can you ad to the discussion? You know those questions that crop up time and time again from your most valuable clients? This is your chance to answer them in a single article, once and for all!

Not only that but there’s things you can do, things you know that you see as “no big deal”- but to your leads, it’s information worth its’ weight in gold. I know that when I’ve shared something I’d assumed was just “part of the job” in an article and I get praise for it by readers afterwards, it’s always a special feeling.

So if you can provide the answer they’ve been searching for, the solution to their biggest problems, the beauty of doing so is that (in their mind at least) you become the ‘go-to’ expert.

You think Gary Vee is the only one who knows about entrepreneurship?

You reckon Gordon Ramsey is the only authority on what constitutes a quality restaurant, or Nigella Lawson when it comes to home cooking?

Of course not- but they’re prominent. That’s how they become an authority. You can achieve the same thing when you share regular articles answering your leads’ biggest questions and solving their problems.

The upshot of doing this is, even if they don’t want your product or your service (not for right now, at least) they may very well know of somebody who does– and refer you.

Few forms of selling can match the power of social proof, after all!

This is how you get that elusive edge over your competitors- no gimmicks or hard-selling, no need for discounts either. Just sharing nuggets of wisdom with your audience that sooner or later converts into cash.

If you sit down and write out a list of top tips, handy hints, killer strategies and solutions to common problems that you can share in upcoming articles, you might be surprised at just how much content you can tap into! On a long enough time-frame, you’re essentially writing future cheques to yourself.

So go ahead and write out a list of all the gold just waiting to be shared with your leads- and if you want some help putting it together, then let’s talk.


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